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The Inbox

With 92% of adult Internet users using email,1 we consider email marketing an important part of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. delivers over 3.7 million emails per month across a variety of subjects such as news, sports, politics and entertainment. Placing your ads in’s eNewsletters lets you reach an engaged local audience by aligning your brand with the top news and information that impacts our readers’ daily lives.

  • Feature your message in a simple, engaging environment
  • Target opt-in audiences based on content interests, geography, demographics or behaviors.

In addition, we offer Real Deals emails to consumers who have opted to receive information about local sales, events and discounts.

  • Reach over 182,000 consumers who are actively looking for deals by emailing your exclusive offer to local opt-in email subscribers2
  • ensures best practices are being upheld, along with testing to ensure deliverability


1 Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project Jan. 20-Feb 19, 2012
2 WhatCounts, March 2014