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Navigating Vertical Restrictions on Facebook Real Estate Ads

We Integrate Strategy, Designs, Data And Technologies To Move Markets And Maximize Profits.

NJ Advance Media is a digital agency with more than 50 years of experience serving the real estate industry.  From new home construction and luxury rentals to commercial/industrial space, our team of real estate experts delivers best-in-class data and technology to identify and connect with the audiences you need to reach. But that’s just the start. Across all channels including print and digital display, SEM and SEO,  social media and more, our certified digital experts track and optimize your campaigns to maximize your investment and move your properties.

The Data You Need. Using our predictive data sets, our team of experts can develop effective custom marketing solutions that guide buyers and renters, from ‘just looking’ to ready to commit.

The Platforms You Want. NJ Advance Media is a premium publisher with deep connections and strong trust with our readers.  Leveraged effectively, your advertising and marketing content will be associated with quality, reliability and trust when appearing alongside the content produced by NJ Advance Media’s award-winning staff.

The Expertise You Deserve. Our village of experts is with you every step of the way.  From plan to execution, our digital marketing strategists, creative consultants,  content writers, and real estate experts coordinate to develop the optimal course to deliver your message and reach your desired audience.

Check out our 2020 Real Estate Content Calendar. 

These real estate sections are an exceptional environment to showcase your properties, associating your brand with a trusted premium publisher.

Meet Our Team

JEFF HORN | Director, Digital Sales

Real Estate has its own unique data sets that requires understanding the nuances of the industry like build out phases, cost structures, acquisition and absorption rates.  Our level of expertise is driven by an ever-evolving opportunity for education that can’t happen without solid relationships with developers, marketing directors and sales agents.  Simply put it’s a great business to be part of… fast paced, evolving, and allows for working with good people for years to come.

Fun Fact: When the tides, winds and waves are right I’ll be fishing the Atlantic Ocean most weekends seeking the ultimate prize, Mako Shark. If not fishing there is always boat maintenance…code word for hanging at the dock telling fishing stories.  #saltlife #fishing #sharkhunter

MAUREEN GAFFEY | Manager, Marketing Solutions

I enjoy learning about my clients’ marketing objectives and working on programs to assist in selling their new home communities and leasing up their luxury rental properties across the state of New Jersey and at a national level. I am grateful to work with an internal team here at NJ Advance Media that collaborates on all of these programs to ensure we are bringing our clients the best results. Our team is client focused and committed to exceeding expectations!

Fun Fact: I bake more than 1,000 holiday cookies (family recipe for more than 150 years) every December and share them with my clients.


LAURA FISCHER | Manager, Marketing Solutions

After graduating college, I moved to New York City where I then moved apartments 6 times over the next 11 years. I loved exploring new neighborhoods to call home, living in different buildings from pre-war walk ups to brand new high rises with luxury amenities, and everything in between. This really sparked my passion for real estate, and even though I have now moved into my forever home in the suburbs I still get to explore new areas and properties through my work with top real estate companies.

Fun Fact:  I LOVE SNACKS!  I am an equal opportunity snack eater and self-proclaimed snack tycoon.

EMERSON SCHERER | Account Executive

For 20+ years, I have been involved in every facet of digital marketing. From developing custom applications and websites, creating and implementing digital strategies, to managing teams of digital marketers and developers. My goal is simple:  Take that expertise and help you break through the noise of the ever changing digital landscape to ensure your message is delivered to the right person at the right time in their buying decision. I welcome you to reach out and discover why you should consider NJ Advance Media and Myself as an integral partner in your marketing initiatives.

Fun Fact: I am a coffee fanatic. If there is one way to get me to meet you somewhere, meeting for a coffee will always do the trick.

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This custom home builder was interested in very targeted ads on both an overall company-wide campaign, and to promote their individual communities.


This custom home builder was interested in very targeted ads on both an overall company-wide campaign, and to promote their individual communities.


This custom home builder was interested in very targeted ads on both an overall company-wide campaign, and to promote their individual communities.


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