TV…But Better

With more than 75% of all Internet users watching digital video1, video can be an important element of an online marketing strategy. A Nielsen/IAB study on the results of digital video compared with TV reports message recall for online videos at 40%, double that of TV at 20%. General recall is 64% versus 46% for TV, brand recall is 50% versus 27% for TV and ad likability is 28% versus 17% for TV.

NJ Advance Media can have your video delivered with all of the advanced audience targeting sophistication that we can deliver other display units.

  • On-site pre- and post-roll video plays before content video for maximum exposure
  • Thanks to our responsive design, they are mobile compatible
  • With our Extended Reach Video Network, we can have your video message delivered to 1,500 brand safe sites that represent 97% of the digital video viewing universe


1 IAB/Nielsen 2012

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