Since the start of the pandemic, our journalists have provided to you and the people of New Jersey critical news and information and stories of how New Jereysans have come together to help each other.  Audiences have turned to us in record numbers for breaking news on They have engaged on our social channels, received our newsletters and have continued to be loyal subscribers of our newspapers. As our digital readership more than doubled, so did the realization of the gravity of COVID-19 on our communities.

Deeply committed to the people and businesses of New Jersey, our team shares your sense of hope as the restrictions of the past few months begin to relax. When we emerge from our homes, we know we will find a changed community landscape. As your business begins to reopen, you will need to navigate a new reality. NJ Advance Media stands ready to support you through that process in the wake of COVID-19.

That’s why we are committing up to $10 Million in matching grants to support the marketing, advertising, and branding needs of our New Jersey businesses. This program is meant to help give your business an extra boost this summer as you reopen and need to communicate to existing and potential customers that you are open for business. The matching grant program runs July – October, 2020 (extended from September).

Our communities are priority number one.

Steve Alessi

Steve Alessi, Regional President, NJ Advance Media

NJ Advance Media Cares - Local Matching Grant Program