The owners of Don Pepe Steakhouse and Don Pepe II, family-run, destination restaurants specializing in premium-quality steaks and Spanish cuisine were happy with their business.  The restaurants attract a variety of clientele from young families celebrating a child’s first birthday to mature couples enjoying fine wine and prime steak.  However, while operating for over twenty-five years in the North Jersey community, they understood the need to continually attract new clientele.


Increase brand awareness for each restaurant location


Promote special event spaces for parties and large gatherings


Attract new customers and encourage customer frequency


When initially engaging with NJ Advance Media’s marketing specialists, the owners wanted to start off slow and test the waters utilizing only one advertising solution.  Over time, our team demonstrated its expertise and we built trust with the client.  They grew confident in utilizing a variety of marketing solutions and currently take advantage of a multi-solutions approach including social media, digital display impressions, content marketing, and print – both newspaper and glossy magazine.

Because of the wide range of customers these restaurants attract, our strategy experts developed a broad-based targeting campaign primarily focused on geography around a 10-mile radius from the restaurant.

Digital: Branding was the focus of the digital display campaign on which positioned the restaurants with tag lines such as “Home of the Best Porterhouse” and “The Best Prime Beef and Fresh Fish Daily.”

Content Marketing: NJ Advance Media’s dedicated team of writers, editors and photographers crafted mouth-watering sponsor content pieces to entice readers and educate them about new tapas menu items, dining specials and memorable meals.

Social: The social campaign utilized Facebook carousel ads to highlight the restaurant and showcase the delicious and beautiful entrees.  Facebook targeting included people interested in booking parties, from bridal showers to Quinceañeras, as well as people interested in steakhouses, seafood and Spanish cuisine.

Print: The restaurant owners recognized that a key portion of their clientele still seek out a newspaper.  Ticket, the Star-Ledger’s entertainment section offers restaurants a program that is geared to driving awareness.  The owners saw an increase in new clientele which reinforced the power in print.  Don Pepe & Don Pepe II has also expanded its print presence to include Jersey’s Best, a regional glossy lifestyle magazine.


A collaborative and trusted partnership focused on helping grow business for Don Pepe Steakhouse and Don Pepe II

Social campaign outperformed Travel & Hospitality average benchmarks by 260% by achieving a a click thru rate of 3.24%

Sponsor Content performed 22% above the Food/Drink industry average click thru rate

Sponsor Content Call to Action rate performed 288% above the industry rate

We are seeing great results from our online display branding campaign on We are getting great visibility and customers are walking through our doors.

— Carmen Lopez | Owner, Don Pepe Steakhouse and Don Pepe II


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