A provider of evidence-based services in mental health, substance abuse, special education and physical health, had a full complement of job openings for qualified teachers and specialists. To fill these specialty positions, they often compete with larger hospital systems and other well-known medical facilities to attract top talent.

Previous recruitment campaigns fell short, creating a glut of open, high-priority, hard-to-fill positions, as a result of ineffective marketing support and transparency from their previous vendor. Because their programs were growing, new positions were continually added to the roster. Our digital experts stepped in to offer support, transparency and deliver best-in-class solutions and results.


  • Increase brand awareness of their facility and services
  • Attract top candidates to fill the increased number of positions due to program expansion


NJ Advance Media’s Recruitment Solutions Team took the helm by first learning about the client’s needs and goals. Understanding that many of their hires come from passive job candidates, our team created a custom plan to reach the qualified candidates they need. Our recruitment specialists provided targeted employer branding through a variety of platforms:

Programmatic Posting Platform allowed us to campaign job postings across hundreds of relevant job boards such as Indeed, Career Builder, Monster, ZipRecruiter, LinkedIn and many more. Campaigns focus on client priorities and goals, job title and geographic location, and we provide reporting that shows much more than is what is typically available on most job boards.

Job Postings on including performance optimization enhancements.

Targeted Email to deliver engaging messaging directly to the inbox.

Targeted Display on and extended networks along with ads in the Sunday Star-Ledger and features on the award-winning Careers print section via cover stories.

All of these solutions worked in concert to boost the client’s brand awareness and move the client from a position of backlog hiring to proactive hiring to meet the demand of their growing business.


  • 47 positions filled in 6 months (April – September)

including positions such as APN, registered nurse, crisis intervention specialist, special needs educator and case manager.

  • 150% average increase in job applications

300-400 job applications received during the initial months of the campaign. The campaign currently drives roughly 900 job applications monthly.

  • 76% decrease in Average Cost Per Hire

Compared to national average according to the Society of Human Resource Managers (SHRM) and 67% lower than healthcare specific cost per hire (Bersin).

  • Delivered greater value and flexibility

Via hands-free postings and more comprehensive targeting options, along with superior, transparent reporting than a single job board can offer.


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