A full-service insurance company wanted to increase it’s inbound calls and form completions derived from their desktop and mobile web platforms. A Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaign was in place, but their website was not optimized to effectively service the mobile traffic they were receiving. The company experienced a very high bounce rate among mobile visitors and low mobile web traffic overall. They needed to make a more impactful connection with insurance intenders across all digital platforms.


  • Improve website user experience
  • Improve conversions


Our digital specialists recommended that the insurance company convert their website platform to a responsive design that provides all visitors an easy to use interface whether they are on desktops, smartphones or tablets. After the client took care of their website upgrade, our digital specialists focused on improving lead generation by optimizing the SEM campaign. The digital team adjusted keyword match types to improve search relevancy, identified high ROI geographies in which to increase targeting, and adjusted the timing of their search investments to capitalize on high volume search periods.


  • More Quality Traffic

The Insurance company’s SEM campaign garnered an outstanding 1.59% click-through rate, and traffic from mobile grew 1,361%

  • More Customer Conversions

Phone calls and form completions grew 64%, and mobile now has the highest conversion rate.

  • More Efficient Return on Investment

Cost per click declined and the appropriate pacing of the campaign investment saves wasted dollars in low volume periods.


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