A prominent cosmetic surgeon specializing in Blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, was a big believer in Word-of-Mouth. Yet, he reached out to NJ Advance Media for help promoting his practice. The doctor was focused on drawing more patients to his office locations in New Jersey, Manhattan and Staten Island, as well as generating greater awareness of his specialty in lower Blepharoplasty surgery. His target audience included Women 40+ with a household income of $100k+ within a 25-mile radius around each of his locations.


Attract new patients


Generate awareness of new procedures


NJ Advance Media recommended a mix of Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Content Marketing and utilized Facebook for social promotion of content. The digital consultant worked closely with the client to learn more about his business, his marketing goals and an optimal target audience.

By walking the client through the strategy and reviewing the sheer volume of keyword searches occurring in his vertical, the consultant demonstrated the importance of a dedicated marketing program and built trust in his expertise. The consultant also utilized the client’s budget to generate the greatest direct response.

SEM was essential to helping the doctor easily reach his target audience across multiple market areas and drive engagement and conversions on his website. Specific and broad SEM keywords helped reach both savvy and novice prospects.

The Social campaign on Facebook allowed for precise targeting within an intimate, personal platform and was designed to reach very niche audiences in specific geographies. Content Marketing articles on and in The Star-Ledger were the optimal format to educate the audience about Blepharoplasty and demonstrate the doctor’s experience and expertise in his field.


25% increase
in patients

The client was pleased with the direct response from his search campaigns which generated phone calls and web form fills in a niche, sub-specialty of cosmetic surgery.

Content marketing campaign paid for itself

$18,000 in surgery services were scheduled as a direct result of the Health Talk Q&A feature in The Star-Ledger and on which more than paid for the client’s initial investment.

Confidence in NJ Advance Media to deploy and optimize a defined marketing strategy

Proven results and expert guidance support continued, improved marketing investment.


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